South African Team -

Steve Ireton Managing Director     

Steve helped pioneer the underwriting of CER insurable risks with certain Underwriters at Lloyds of London. He is a well known businessman with many interests, but his primary business has always been short-term insurance underwriting, having been tribunalised twice at Lloyds. He brings a well respected management style to the Southern African market.

He has wide experience in project development throughout Southern Africa. He has co-developed a unique social upliftment program in the Eastern Cape for CDM activities, expected to be replicated throughout Southern Africa.

Gavin Webster BA (comm)

Multi-skilled, multi-lingual business development, marketing and communication specialist with professional experience in international projects, trade, and finance.            

Gavin boasts a rich and varied career path as diplomat, international trade executive, international banker (correspondent banking, trade and project finance), international project development executive, business and communication consultant, and CEO in the wireless telecommunication environment.

Much of his business and communication focus has been on Africa and Latin America and he has a particular interest in environmental impacts and sustainable resource development and utilisation.  A communication specialist with high level skills in strategic negotiation, and new business development, conceptual marketing and communication management.Much of his business and communication experience is multi-lingual – his mother tongue is English and he is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French and Afrikaans.            

He is currently developing trade and projects, including carbon credit projects, in Mozambique,Angola and the DRC.

Ricki Allen Director
Ricki arrived on the shores of South Africa from the East End of London. The original plan was for a three month sabbatical. However that was twenty years ago and needless to say Ricki feels very passionate about Africa and its people. He is a determined individual (completed three comrades marathons) who’s leadership style can be described as participative.

Ricki has completed his IMM in marketing and small business management. After a short stint in the corporate world with the Barlow’s Group he very quickly learnt that his tendency would to be running his own business. At 21 years old he started his own Metals Trading business a business that is still flourishing to this day 18 years later. Ricki also started an engineering company Pi R Squared Projects with two other financial partners and became the companies CEO. Specializing in manufacturing stainless steel components the company’s clientele was mostly in the food and beverage industries and pharmaceutical industries.

Companies that were serviced;  SAB, Glaxo, National Brands, McCains, Tiger Brands, Kelloggs, Fattis & Monnis, Proctor & Gamble, Adcock Ingram. In 2007 Ricki sold his shares in Pi R Squared to concentrate on his next project CDM. Ricki is currently heading up the CARE team as special projects director, rolling out one million solar water heater and energy efficient cookers in the Eastern Cape.