Clean Air Renewable Energy

Inspired by the Kyoto Protocol CARE was established to service the needs of Southern African business in respect to interpreting, managing and registering CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) projects laid down under the CDM regulations set by the UNFCC.

Our knowledge and superior understanding of the methodologies and policies set down by the UNFCCC, combined with our expertise in Carbon Asset management offer a potent combination to potential clients. No two CDM projects are ever the same and by interpreting and anticipating energy and environmental policy we create a partnership with our clients and share the risk together.

CARE has deep understanding of a range of sectors including energy efficiency, waste gas/heat/pressure to power, waste to energy, bio-fuels and renewable energy - biomass, hydro, solar & wind.

CARE conducts assessments to identify the “carbon footprint” of its customers in order to determine ways and means or reducing its carbon emissions.


UN - NEW STORIES: The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat has launched five "broadcast ready" radio stories for radio stations in Africa. These stories are aimed at making the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) more understandable and accessible to a broader audience.


The supreme reality of our time is ... the vulnerability of this planet.
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